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Virtual Mental & Behavioral Health  Services  

Your Mind, Our Mission: You are Never Alone in This Journey. Because Your Mental Health Matters to Us.

Our Doctors

Our Team

Dieunette Joseph-Omwanghe PMHNP-BC

When you meet with me, you’ll meet with an energetic, self-motivated professional who practices with integrity and compassion. I am passionate and committed to your health, growth, and prosperity. I’ll be your strong advocate and treat you as an individual, tailoring our care plan to meet your unique needs. I’ll pay great attention to detail while aiming to collaborate with you as you receive exceptional, holistic care. I see patients age 16 and up for all psychiatric conditions.
Although I see patients of any gender, I have specialized knowledge and interest in psychiatric issues affecting women, including disorders related to life transitions, relationships, hormone changes, infertility, menopause, sexism, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. I also specialize in substance abuse and dependence.

Omoruyi Omwanghe MBA, CFO

Hello! My name is Omoruyi Omwanghe, and I am excited to introduce myself to you as the Health Care Administrator and CFO at Iye Collaborative. With a strong background in Health Care Administration and a genuine passion for mental health, I  contribute significantly to the smooth functioning of the clinic and the well-being of its patients.

At Iye Mission, my primary objective is to contribute to the clinic’s overall efficiency, ensuring that administrative operations run seamlessly and patients receive the support they need. I aim to create a positive and comforting experience for patients and staff by providing compassionate and efficient administrative assistance. I am committed to ensuring that everyone who enters our clinic feels respected, heard, and cared for. My pronouns are He/him.

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